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What Good Does It Bring to Them?

Getting piano lessons for kids is very common among parents today. They want to engage their children into something that they can use for their kids’ personal development. However, there are still the ones who are hesitant whether they should really let their kids study how to play the piano. Sometimes, they see this as a hindrance in their children’s studies. What they do not know are the benefits that their children can get when they start to learn how to play the piano. If you are not yet convinced, here are some of the things that piano lessons can do to your child.

Develops Perseverance

Piano lessons for kids develop a sense of perseverance that is really hard to learn in a typical school. When your child is enjoying what he is learning about, it would be much easier for him to learn. Also, if your child is determined, he will be able to do everything that he can just grasp all the ideas which need to be absorbed. Beginner piano lessons for kids are really a fun way to take a good break from all the stressful and tiring lessons that they have in school every single day. If they encounter something new, they will certainly make an effort to learn about it.

Boosts Confidence

Piano lessons for kids help increase the confidence level of children. Whether they are getting free piano lessons for kids or you are hiring a private piano music teacher in Singapore to help them learn, as long as they feel that they are good at something, your child will surely feel more confident to interact with other people. However, it is still best to watch over this behavior before worse comes to worst. Always give them encouragement to keep on being passionate about playing the piano. On the other hand, you should manage to keep their feet on the ground, as well.

Management of Criticism and Pressure

Getting piano lessons for kids will help them develop the ability to accept and manage the pressure and criticisms that they may encounter in the future. As children who go to school every day, there will always be moments when they will receive harsh comments and opinions on their works. By letting them have beginner piano lessons for kids and with a teacher who gives constructive criticisms, they will eventually get used to the feeling. They will know how to handle situations such as these. Plus, it would be simpler for them to stay positive despite judgments from other people.

Enhances Creativity and Intelligence

Even with online piano lessons for kids, your children will already be able to enhance their creativity and intelligence since it develops the same part of the brain as the one that piano lessons do. With the music lessons that they get, they will be taught how to think critically and how to think outside the box. With the right piano music teacher, your child will definitely gain countless benefits from taking piano lessons for kids.


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Wayne Lim started learning piano since 2011 and has completed grade 1 with distinction. He is currently preparing for his grade 3 exam this year (2013). His piano teacher is Charlotte Ong from Piano Lessons - Singapore. 


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Piano Lessons Rates

 Grade/Level  Fees for 4 lessons  Duration per lesson
 Beginner - Grade 2  S$120 - S$190  45min
 Grade 3 - Grade 4  S$140 - S$210  45min
 Grade 5 - Grade 6  S$180 - S$240  60min
 Grade 7 - Grade 8  S$230 - S$300  60min
 Diploma  S$300 - S$400  60min


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