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4 Essential Things to Do Before Taking Piano Lessons for Beginners

Taking piano lessons for beginners may appear to be a very big deal, especially if you have no basic knowledge about playing the piano. Children are usually the ones who are compelled by their parents to take piano lessons. However, if you are an adult who decide to get piano lessons, it would be helpful if you prepare yourself before you actually start getting formal lessons. Unlike children, you will still have so many things to deal with before you take piano lessons. For that, here are some of the things that you can do before you begin learning how to play the piano.   

Familiarize Yourself With the Jargons of Music 

It would help you save time if you start reading and understanding the jargons of music before you have basic piano lessons for beginners. You might have encountered some of them during your high school year or even when you are already in college. Help your piano teacher make things easier for you. Familiarize yourself with piano music-related terms such as “rest”, “pedal”, “black keys”, “white keys” and more. Save time and money by doing these things before you meet the teacher who will give you the piano lessons for beginners that you need to feed your passion and your interest. 

Listen to Classical Music 

Take a break from the rock music that you usually listen to. If you are determined to get piano lessons for beginners, understand that you will be required to engage yourself in classical music. This is where beginners commonly start learning. What you need to do before you get basic piano lessons for beginners is to listen to the music of famous classical pianists such as Hadyn, Beethoven, Debussy, Schubert, Habermann and more. The more you are associated with the genre, the easier it would be for you to feel comfortable playing the music that you are aiming to make. 

Manage Your Schedule 

Most people resort to taking online piano lessons for beginners because they do not have ample time to spend on formal piano lessons. However, learning how to play the piano would never be the same without the help of a private piano teacher. If you are passionate enough, you should definitely be committed to taking piano lessons for beginners. Do your best to manage your schedule, especially if you are studying or if you have a regular job to attend to. Learning how to play the piano may be time-consuming but once you master the basics, everything will pay off. 

Invest in a Piano, Digital Piano or Electronic Keyboard

If you are going to dedicate your time getting piano lessons for beginners, start investing in a piano, digital piano, an electronic keyboard or any of these that will match your preferences and the space that you have at home. You will need to practice every now and then. If you are really into saving money to be able to purchase the actual instrument, there are always free piano lessons for beginners which can be availed through online piano video tutorials uploaded by skilled pianists. 


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Piano Lessons for Beginners

Piano Lessons Rates

 Grade/Level  Fees for 4 lessons  Duration per lesson
 Beginner - Grade 2  S$120 - S$190  45min
 Grade 3 - Grade 4  S$140 - S$210  45min
 Grade 5 - Grade 6  S$180 - S$240  60min
 Grade 7 - Grade 8  S$230 - S$300  60min
 Diploma  S$300 - S$400  60min


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