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Getting Adult Piano Lessons: Never Too Late, Never Too Old

There are so many people who are wondering if it is possible for them to take adult piano lessons. They are not that sure whether they would still be as productive as those who started at a very early age. If you are one of these people, you must know that it is never too late for anyone to take piano lessons. In fact, there are so many music schools out there which offer beginner piano lessons for adults. If you want to know why taking piano lessons during adulthood is still as perfect as taking it during childhood, here are some of the reasons why.   

It is easier for adults to grasp the ideas. 

Taking adult piano lessons still work as well due to the fact that adults find it easier to grasp new ideas than children do. The mind of an adult has already been sharpened through the years. It has been developed with the countless educational levels that they have been through. Taking beginner piano lessons for adults would no longer be a problem for them. Plus, with the minor music classes that they have taken in their school before, they have probably encountered lessons on the basics of reading music sheets. It is easier for adults to remember which note falls under a certain line or space. 

Adults are more determined. 

Once you decide to take adult piano lessons, it only means that you are determined to learn how to play that beautiful musical instrument. Unlike children, adults feel a different kind of motivation. Most children take piano lessons because of their parents’ preference. When you are taking piano lessons for adults Singapore, you must have an overflowing passion to be educated. If you are determined to learn, it would be much easier for you to understand everything that you are studying. If you like what you are doing, you would be able to learn how to play the piano in no time. 

Adults have a controlled attention span. 

One of the hardest things about teaching children how to play the piano is the fact that they have a very short attention span. Taking piano lessons during your adulthood is much simpler because you would already be more focused. Those who take adult piano lessons can control their attention span, especially if they are really enjoying what they are doing. Online piano lessons for adults, too, requires lesser effort from adults just to be understood perfectly. Adults do not get distracted easily – giving them a better chance to grab all the chance that they can have to learn how to play the piano. 

It is a perfect stress-reliever for adults. 

Whether you are taking online piano lessons for adults or hiring a private piano teacher, having piano lessons at your age can be a great way to reduce stress. It also helps enhance the brain which can lead to better performance in your workplace. With all the exhausting things that you do every day, taking adult piano lessons can be a good way to spend your break time productively.


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Piano Lessons Rates

 Grade/Level  Fees for 4 lessons  Duration per lesson
 Beginner - Grade 2  S$120 - S$190  45min
 Grade 3 - Grade 4  S$140 - S$210  45min
 Grade 5 - Grade 6  S$180 - S$240  60min
 Grade 7 - Grade 8  S$230 - S$300  60min
 Diploma  S$300 - S$400  60min

Piano Lessons For Adults

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