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For Parents/Guardians/Students

+ Q1) How do I verify the qualification of my teacher?
+ Q2) How do you evaluate the potential teacher?
+ Q3) What is the arrangement with regards to payment?
+ Q4) What if I wish to have the teacher changed after the first lesson?
+ Q5) What if I prefer a Female Teacher?
+ Q6) How do I request for a teacher online?

Request a Piano Teacher

For Piano Teachers

+ Q1) How much do I have to pay for the matching service?
+ Q2) What is the minimum age with regards to teacher?
+ Q3) What is the minimum qualification required?
+ Q4) Do I have to pay to register?
+ Q5) Do I have to send in my IC/FIN/Student card and certificates as a proof of my qualification?
+ Q6) What happen if I terminate the teaching assignment within the first month?

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"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life."



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